Bhopal Degree College

Founder & Chairperson's Message

It gives me immense pleasure to know that the college is going to re-whimper its website to make the information update and for that I congratulate staff and students of the college. It is a fact that education is a dynamic process in which new-fangled thoughts are supplemented persistently to construct the education in progressive approach. It is also a realism that the nation is as strong as its education system. A developed country has a strong and deep-rooted education system and the developing and poor country has a comparatively weak and superficial education system. It is the education and its system that makes the country great, strong and developed. India has made a huge progress in terms of expanding literacy. However, it continues to face many challenges. Despite growing investment in education, 40% of the population is illiterate and only 15% of the students reach high school when we take the whole of India.

Much of the progress in education has been credited to various private institutions. My dear young friends, let us not live on the past glory. We would strive for better performance and excellence in the coming years. To become a good professional, each one should be very clear in his/her ambitions and set appropriate goals for oneself. Our college aims at providing young students with quality education and training. We aim to train the youth to be the leaders of tomorrow with apt skills, deep- rooted sense of social responsibility.

The way of working of the management and the teachers are very innovative and appreciable. They do all the things for the welfare of students and this Institution .

It is rightly said that “A dream becomes a goal when action is taken towards its achievement” and we are committed in taking constructive and purposeful actions to produce optimistic, independent, compassionate, life-long learners and leaders who will bring glory to the college, State and the Nation. My heartfelt gratitude to the BDC Students ,Teaching and Non – teaching staff members for achieving new heights in educational horizon.

Bhopal Degree College